Event Schedule

Here are some major events and festivals in Omachi City:

Date Event Site


Mid-April thru early May Cherry Blossom Festival Omachi Park (around the Mountain Museum)
Mid-April Complete Opening of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Mid-April thru June 22nd (estimated) Snow Corridor Walk Murodo on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Late April thru early May Cherry Blossom Festival Omachi Onsenkyo
Mid-April Opening Carnival of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Multiple sites in the city & Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route


May 5th Salt Road Festival From the reception center at Shinano Omachi Station to Salt Road Chojiya
Mid-May Yukigata (Snow Pattern) Watching Meet at Omachi City Hall
Last Sunday of May Omachi Tourism Horse Racing Takase River reservation area on the South of the Kannon Bridge


First Sunday of June Mt. Harinoki Shintaro Festival (Opening of Summer Climbing Season) * On-the-day participation fee: 2,000 yen Near Mt. Harinoki Snow Gorge (Reception at Ogisawa Station)
Second Sunday of June Opening of Lake Kizaki / Beach Seine, Trekking & Boating Reception at Lake Kizaki Campground
June 26th thru October 15th Tourism Water Discharge Kurobe Dam


Fourth Sunday of July and the day before Nyakuichioji Festival Nyakuichioji Shrine & downtown Omachi


First Saturday of August Yamabiko Festival Hondori Street, downtown Omachi
August 15th Floating Lantern Ceremony & Fireworks Festival The shore of Lake Kizaki
Mid-August Summer Festival Forest Theater in Omachi Onsenkyo & other sites


Early September Sake Tasting Tour to Three Sake Breweries at the Foot of the Northern Japan Alps Around Hondori Shopping Street, downtown Omachi
Second Sunday of September and the day before Annual Festival Kamado Shrine
Mid-September Shinano Omachi Moutain Festival Multiple sites in the city
Third Monday of September and the day before Annual Festival Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine


October 1st thru November 30th Soba Restaurant Stamp Rally Multiple sites in the city
Early October Omachi Autumn Taste Fair Ogisawa Station Square
Early October Northern Alps Fair Alps Azumino National Government Park (Omachi/Matsukawa Area)
October 10th thru October 20th Soba Fair Shingyo Highlands, Miasa District
Mid-October Mt. Koguma Hiking Mt. Koguma Hiking Course
Late October thru early November New Soba Fair Yasaka District
Late October Mt. Takagari & Reishoji Temple Fall Foliage Hiking Mt. Takagari Hiking Course


November 23rd Niinamesai (The Harvest Festival) Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine


Mid-December Ski Resort Opening Kashimayari Ski Resort
Late December Jigatake Ski Resort
Yanaba Snowpark


February 3rd Nyakuichioji Shrine Setsubun Festival Nyakuichioji Shrine
Early February thru early March Winter Fantasia – Omachi Snow Festival Omachi Onsenkyo, Kashimayari Ski Resorts & other sites
Every Saturday in February Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival Omachi Onsenkyo
February 11th Ameichi (Candy Festival) Omachi Chuo Shopping Street


March 15th Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine Prayer Service for a Good Crop Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine