There are campgrounds around Lake Kizaki and Lake Aoki. Nothing tastes better than your meal cooked by the lakeside!

Three lakes of Nishina

  Lake Kizaki Campgrounds Lake Aoki Campground & Adventure Club
Address 10521 Tairamori, Omachi 20780-1 Tairaaoki, Omachi
TEL +81 261-23-3939 +81 261-23-1021
FAX +81 261-23-3939  
Rental Tents Size: for 2 to 4 people
Price: 2,000 yen
No reservation required
Size: for 4 to 5 people / 5 to 6 people
Price: from 4,150 yen + campsite & parking fee
Reservation required
Cottages Size: for 2 to 8 people
Price: from 1,500 to 2,000 yen per person
Reservation required
Size: for 4 people / 6 people / 12 people
Price: from 7,200 yen per cottage
Reservation required
Net Booking Available Available



Omachi has a diverse array of cycling courses as it hosted large-scaled cycling races in the past: leisurely cycling around the Three Lakes of Nishina, enjoying impressive views of the Northern Alps, challenging cycling on advanced courses, and others. Rental bikes are available at convenient locations.

Bike Rental Shops Contact Information

Company Name TEL Address
Lake Kizaki Modern Boat +81 261-22-1332 10570-1 Taira, Omachi (by Lake Kizaki)
Seikotei Boat House +81 261-22-1878 10597 Taira, Omachi (by Lake Kizaki)
Lake Aoki Campground & Adventure Club +81 261-23-1021 20780-1 Taira, Omachi (by Lake Aoki)
Omachi City Tourism Association
(In JR Shinano Omachi Station)
+81 261-22-0190 (Tourist Information Office in JR Shinano Omachi Station)
(*green bicycles)
Iizura Omachi Tokusankan (Specialty Hall) +81 261-23-7511 3300-1 Omachi, Omachi
(*green bicycles)
Wachigai +81 261-23-7363 4084 Kaminakamachi, Omachi
(*green bicycles)
Shop Yokokawa +81 261-22-0133 4136 Kokonokamachi, Omachi
(*green bicycles)

* The green bicycles are abandoned bicycles that volunteers repaired, and so they are offered without charge. Please be aware that they lack accident insurance. Not available in winter.