Enjoy watersprots such as kayaking, canadian canoeing, sailing, and windsurfing in a beautiful natural environment.

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Lake Aoki Campground & Adventure Club 0261-23-1021
Lion Adventure 0261-72-5061
Lake Kizaki Modern Boat 0261-22-1332
Lake Kizaki POW WOW Campground / Outdoor Club 0261-85-2494



Enjoy the abundant water of Sai River that flows through Omachi. Combine your strength and work together to paddle along a 10-km stretch of river. Beginners can enjoy as the river has relatively gentle current.

Company Name Contact
Lion Adventure 0261-72-5061


Feel free to enjoy the water in a rowing or pedal boat.


Three Lakes of Nishina, Kashimayari Garden, etc.
* When fishing in natural areas, such as lakes, please purchase a fishing ticket.

Kashimayari Garden website (Japanese)

■ Enquiries:
Omachi Tourism Association, Phone: 0261-22-0190