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The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route from Shinano Omachi

Shinano Omachi has excellent access to Kurobe Dam. Acting as an entrance to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that runs through the Japan Alps, Ogisawa Station is about 30 minutes by car from the city center. From there, change to an electric bus for a 15-minute ride that will bring you to Kurobe Dam, which has a beautiful arch across the Kurobe Gorge.

About Shinano Omachi

The city is located at the base of the Northern Japan Alps, with Hakuba to the north and Toyama Prefecture to the west. An environment blessed with an abundance of nature, the passage of time is so soothing you will find yourself wanting to take deep breaths, and you can enjoy leisure activities here year-round. The lovely urban area where snowmelt flows is dotted with historic places. This mountain city has plenty of charm.

Shinano Omachi’s Attractions


We maintain an environment where men and women young or old can enjoy mountain climbing and hiking. From spring to summer, there are lush green plants and flowers of all colors, while in autumn, the place seems ablaze with fall leaves as far as the eye can see. If you are lucky, you might encounter rock ptarmigans or Japanese serows, both animals designated as Special Natural Monuments in Japan.


Shinano Omachi is proud of the “Three Lakes of Nishina.” Lake Kizaki, Lake Nakatsuna, and Lake Aoki sparkle with the water that fills them. You can relax while camping and fishing along the lake shores. And out on the water, you can thoroughly enjoy activities like canoeing and SUP.


The Jiigatake and Kashimayari ski resorts, known collectively as “Hakuba Valley,” make this mountain resort the focus of international attention. Blessed with an abundance of high-quality powder snow, it is a place to enjoy winter sports to your heart’s content.

Hot springs

Shinano Omachi has many hot springs where you can soothe your weary body after sight-seeing or mountain climbing. We recommend Japanese inns that pride themselves on their famous hot springs for a visit to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route or as a hub for winter sports.


The cuisine is based on the delicious mountain spring water that flows from the Japan Alps. It gives rise to the deliciousness of so many foods, such as Kurobe Dam curry, coffee at cafes, sweets, soba noodles, mountain herbs, vegetables, local sake, and more.



Clad in cherry blossoms and crowned with snow, the mountains are even more gorgeous in spring. Out there in the warm sunlight, the colors will move you deeply.


Experience camping, activities out on the lakes, mountain climbing, and more. Play with nature as your friend, working up a sweat as you spend a refreshing summer.


Shinano Omachi is blessed in autumn with its range of altitudes. From mid-September to early November, you can enjoy the gradations of the fall leaves.


The feelings you get from enjoying winter sports, being soothed by hot springs, and witnessing the stunning scenery the snow creates are a benefit of winter.

Shinano Omachi
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Allow us to share Shinano Omachi through videos. This YouTube channel introduces food, culture, and activities in Shinano Omachi. And please come and experience for yourselves the charms we can’t fully convey here.


Omachi City comprehensive brochure

You can digitally experience this brochure published by Omachi City. Since you can download it on your smartphone, we hope it will act as both a tool for making plans for a trip that will both fill you with ideas about Shinano Omachi and serve as a companion on your trip.


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Kurobe Dam



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